This is the home of the good stuff.

The most comprehensive image collection of hunting, fishing, camping and the great outdoors is right here at your fingertips. Our images are created by the hardest working photographers in the stock photo industry.

And our images don’t just happen.  We get our camera gear muddy, wet and beat up every day.

It takes trucks, trailers, guns, bows, arrows, bullets, boats, dogs, gear, sweat, tears, time, talent and outdoor know-how to make this brand of stock photography. There are no free rides at the gas pump, nor free rooms on the way out or back from the fields and streams to make these images happen.

Our prices reflect the uniqueness and quality of our photographers’ efforts.

You don’t just make these kinds of pictures by stopping to snap a few photos out the window of your little sedan on the way home from your day job. Behind every Windigo Images shot there is a tale of sweat equity.  I bet you’ll agree.

Welcome to the home of the good stuff.

Mitch Kezar
Founder and original photographer, Windigo Images