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Thank you for your interest in Windigo Images.

If you’re really interested in submitting your photography for inclusion in our collection, we suggest you start by really studying the site to see what we’re all about.

The imagery we license primarily illustrates hunters and fishermen/women in the field, doing some aspect of their sport.  These kinds of pictures make up the bulk of our sales. We do take some new wildlife imagery, however – it’s got to be stellar work. The stock photo market is so saturated with wildlife photography that it’s difficult to justify including any work that we know isn’t different enough to compete in the marketplace.

If you feel your work can compete with our existing portfolio of work, then by all means send us a few low-res files of your work, 20 to 40 will do, in an e-mail, to: and
or, a link to a digital portfolio of your work will also work.

We will preview your offerings and upon acceptance, contact you with digital submission guidelines and a photographer/agency contract with Windigo Images.

Keep in mind we are a stock photo agency, which means we represent your work in the stock photography sales arena. We do NOT buy photography.

Thanks in advance for your time and consideration!

Ellen & Mitch

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