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photographer: Linda Freshwaters Arndt | see all photos from Linda Freshwaters Arndt

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Sandhill crane family being attacked by a red-winged blackbird Linda Freshwaters Arndt

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"sign of spring" 8.5" Agelaius Agelaius phoeniceus Animalia Chordata Grus canadensis Icteridae June North America Passeriformes Sandhill Crane US USA Wisconsin adult aggression animal baby beak bill bird black black bill black bird blackbird bog brown chick crane cup nest display displaying elegant environment epaulet epaulets family fauna feather feathers feed feeding field fields gray great come-back great comeback habitat juvenile knees backwards large large bird long legs long neck male marsh marsh bird mature natural nature north american north woods northern northwoods offspring outdoors outside perch perched perching pointy beak recovered recovery red red cap red eye red patch red wing patch red winged red-winged red-winged blackbird redwinged blackbird reestablished rusty brown sandhill scarlet cap season sign of spring song bird songbird spring spring time spring-time springtime stain stained striking success story summer territorial territory white wild wildlife wings yellow yellow eye young

Sandhill crane family being attacked by a red-winged blackbird

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