Moss covered tree a nurse tree in redwood forest rainforest northern California Muir Woods . Moss encrusted wood bridge foot bridge hiking path trail . Thick moss on fallen tree large green clover and ferns , dense woods . Western landscape scenic scenery . JOEL WOLFSON SPRING GREEN SUMMER


Lichen on red rock in side canyon of Boynton Canyon Sedona Arizona . Dark shadow of tree on rock face covered with white lichen yellow lichen . Prickly pear cactus in foreground . Reddish brown rock forms formations geological forms . Southwest landscape scenic scenery . JOEL WOLFSON SOUTHWESTERN SOUTHWEST ORANGE


Iguacu Falls in Brazil borders of Argentina and Paraguay tropical rainforest . Rainbow formed in mist moisture of multiple waterfalls . Foaming white water whitewater pouring over green plant covered brown rock formations . Churned water brown in color . Blue sky . Landscape scenic scenery JOEL WOLFSON RUSHING WATER


Heavy snow cover covering covered grass sunrise early morning sweet light evergreen juniper in background . Directional warm light on tall grass . Close up . Landscape scenic scenery JOEL WOLFSON SOUTHWESTERN SOUTHWEST


Havasu Falls at Havasupai reservation west Grand Canyon Arizona near Mooney Falls . View from top of dual split waterfalls wide angle looking down . Blue green water deep aqua turqoise water . Color derived from minerals in water . Green trees cottonwoods red brown rock formations travertines fromed in pools . White foaming water […]


Grand Tetons mirrored reflected in Jenny Lake rippled water . Mount Moran Mt . Moran . Snow capped snow covered mountains . Dramatic clouds deep blue sky . Granite rock mountain formations . Geological forms geology . Teton National Park Wyoming . Mountainous landscape scenic scenery . JOEL WOLFSON WESTERN UNITED STATES MAJESTIC LANDSCAPE REFLECTION […]


Grand Canyon sunset . Magenta purple crimson pink sky and light on layered formations view from west rim and south rim of Grand Canyon . Southwest landscape scenic scenery . Geological canyon formations geology layers rock form . Scene dotted with patches of snow taken in winter . JOEL WOLFSON SOUTHWESTERN SOUTHWEST PINK BLUE SUNSET […]


Grand Canyon Arizona South Rim . Misty cloudy stormy rainy sky . Clouds floating in canyon . Canyon scenic scenery . Blue sky red brown rock formations layers layering . North rim visible on horizon . Look of aerial view . JOEL WOLFSON SOUTHWESTERN SOUTHWEST


Grand Canyon Arizona South Rim , East Rim near Desert View and Lipin Point . Canyon peaks silhouettes at sunset two dimensional watercolor look . Canyon scenic scenery . Yellow sky austere moutains hills mounds rock formations in outlined with sunset skies . Fading from dark to light . JOEL WOLFSON SOUTHWESTERN SOUTHWEST


Grand Canyon Arizona from Kaibab Tanto trails . Misty cloudy stormy dramatic sky . Clouds floating in canyon . Layered rock formations layers layering . Coconino and Esplanade sandstone , Kaibab limestone , Hermit shale , Toroweap formation . Blue green brown red grey colorations . JOEL WOLFSON SOUTHWEST SOUTHWESTERN